Tenerife Property Rental

Despite all the glamorous TV programmes that might have you believing otherwise, not everyone comes to Tenerife to buy a new home in the sun. Many people take advantage of Tenerife’s relatively low rents and live here enjoying the vast amount of rental property on offer.

The properties we have on our books are mostly ranged along the South coast of Tenerife and we have everything from studios to 3 bedroom villas.

 The Key to Successful Renting in Tenerife

  • Understanding Rental Inclusions
  • Property/Area Suitability
  • Communication

It is in your interests as a tenant to know exactly what you are signing. For example, there are fees attached to apartments and property in Tenerife over and above the rental fee including utilities, community fees, IBI and basura. Are these included in the rental fee?
You need to understand that a property should be returned in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the tenancy. Here in Tenerife, that means that at the end of the tenancy you are responsible for repairing or replacing anything you damage, including touching up paintwork that has become soiled during your stay, and washing all bedlinen and towels supplied by the landlord.
Then there are the landlord’s restrictions like no smoking or no pets. If these restrictions are given up front, then there is no problem but sometimes although the landlord is happy enough for you to have pets, the other residents in the building or complex are not and can make things difficult for you if you move in with a dog or cat.

Similarly, you may be looking for a property which has certain amenities nearby; maybe an English speaking school or a sports centre. It can be hard to get a straight answer on local facilities from a letting agent who receives a finder’s fee from the landlord. They simply want you into that apartment and are not really considering its long-term suitability for you or your family.

At Tenerife Long Lets it is in our best interests to find you the best property; the one that suits your individual or family needs. Having experience in letting apartments in Tenerife we know what makes a successful letting arrangement and we are happy to do so on your behalf; even if you are still in the UK. But you should always remember that reservation deposits are non refundable if you do not proceed to contract.


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